‘Joey the Musical Beuys’

Joey 1

Taborn’s wall-piece ‘Joey the Musical Beuys’ is an intriguing admixture of socio/psycho/political inferences and references through narrative and metaphor.

Real objects from real people, all of whom were guilty of self-mythologising in the cause of audience enhancement.

Using the famous Bettelheim case study ‘Joey the Mechanical Boy’ as it’s theme, Taborn has constructed a plumbing system to house and nourish the multiple artefacts of liminality. 

Controlled and calibrated, vital lubricating fluids coarse through the pipes . 

A split pew chair enters the wall ,( recombining via the ‘platinum’ disc of Wagner’s ‘Tristan and Isolde’) crammed with ‘Pew-Bic’ Horse hair stuffing from inside Freud’s actual settee . A cloth remnant bandages a broken leg.

A 1955 Beuys’ work on paper , fire-salvaged, , hangs from the copper tubing, it’s forms echoing the ball-cock, melting Wagner’s and circular saw blade.

All are implicated.

Although in and of themselves valuable , the poignant artefacts offer a forensicfocus on the fabulous fables.

As with a ‘Fat Chair’ of Beuys, “Fine words butter no Parsnips”

Louise Donfaldo R.A.

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