LONDON: Stockwell Studio featuring Mugshot series watercolor on paper


NEW YORK: Brooklyn Studio featuring Diptych Elvis 4ft by 4ft Glass and Neon


LONDON: Clapham Studio 2 featuring Humunculus works in progress

LONDON: Clapham Studio 2 exterior


LONDON: Clapham watercolour studio – featuring ‘Hundred Years of Solitude’ xxft by xft

NOTTINGHAM: Djanogly Gallery – featuring ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ 7ft by 5ft (oils on canvas) and ‘Factual Nonsense’ 7ft by 5ft (oils on canvas) – amongst others


NOTTINGHAM: Portland Gallery 1981 featuring ‘Swordtail Enclosure’ 7ft by 8ft oil on canvas (first prize East Midlands Arts)


BODENHAM: Maund Bryan Mission Hall – ‘LTP’ 11ft by 8ft

LONDON: Greenwich Studio featuring ‘Sesquipedalius’ 16 x 18inch by 18inch polyester resin on canvas (above Taborn assisting Maurice Cockrills work in progress ‘Silesian Pumps’)

LONDON: Studio Slade Postgraduate Art School (featuring ‘Riddle’ 6ft by 4 ft – 1st Prize Boise Scholarship)

BIRMINGHAM: Studio Birmingham College of Art featuring ‘Chart’ 20ft by 8ft – 1st prize Young Contemporaries

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