British abstract artist living and working in London

Excerpt from the essay –

Following your Nose and Telling Stories:

The Paintings of David Taborn, by Jon Thompson.

Some artists are attracted to pictorial complexity for neurotic reasons, others for some often quite mistaken notion of veracity, but there are also those who see complexity as a way through to a different kind of unity, in Guattarian terms, to a new kind of ‘singularity’. Taborn belongs to this last category.

Coming face to face with David Taborn’s work for the first time is an exciting and immediately enriching perceptual experience.

These are works which come to the eye quickly but live on in the imagination for a long time afterwards as lucid as well as highly complex visual organisms. And it is this linguistic complexity which gives a weightiness and a precarious ( in the past I have used the word dangerous) stability to Taborn’s work.

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